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NOMAS Study: What is NOMAS?

SonologyThe Northern Manhattan Study (NOMAS) is a study of the population of Washington Heights in Northern Manhattan. The ongoing study, which began in 1990, is based in the Neurological Institute of Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, located in Washington Heights. Its knowledgeable team of doctors and researchers has enrolled over 4,400 people from the surrounding community, some of whom have suffered a stroke or related neurological syndromes.

NOMAS is the first study of its kind to focus on stroke risk factors in whites, blacks, and Hispanics living in the same community. It is helping to fill gaps in our knowledge of stroke epidemiology in minority populations. Until now, there has not been sufficient research of Hispanic communities and their risks for stroke and heart disease, and NOMAS strives to provide that needed resource of knowledge and prevention.

measureThe overall goal of NOMAS is to investigate stroke risk factors in different race-ethnic groups. NOMAS is also committed to developing better stroke prevention programs to improve the health of the surrounding community. The study looks at risk factors, occurrence, and outcome of stroke in Northern Manhattan’s multiethnic population.

The Hispanic population in Northern Manhattan is largely Dominican, along with Puerto Rican, Cuban, and Central and South American components. The Hispanic community continues to grow today. NOMAS provides a vital source of support and information for the Hispanic, black, and white community. Using clinical trials, interviews with patients, and other neurological examinations, the study has already made great advances in the understanding, prevention, and treatment of stroke.

NOMAS is part of the stroke service at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and Columbia University’s School of Public Health. The project director is Dr. Mitchell Elkind. NOMAS is funded by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke.

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